BMXinvasion Bike Battle #8

BMXInvasion bike battle #8 contest

May 25th at Hackettstown park! All day event novice, expert and pro classes. Registration begins at 10am until 1pm. $25.00 to enter the class of your choice. The Monster energy crew will be at the event handing out tasters to fans, spectators and riders. The park is open friday night 10pm to 2:30am for practice and also saturday regular sessions all day. Sunday is the main event. Jam format.


Highbridge Hustle and Flow Team Relay Race

Highbridge Hustle and Flow Team Relay Race

Date: Saturday, April 26th, 8 am
Location: Highbridge Park at the corner of Harlem River Drive and Dyckman
Presented by NYCMTB. Sponsored by Diablo Freeride Park (and more to come)

The Highbridge Hustle and Flow race is where lycra and body armor meet!

Imagine a team-relay race that pairs the baddest XC/'Cross/Road climbers with the quickest young pump trackers and the sickest DH pinners and Super-D trail bombers. Set them out, time-trial-style against the clock in an all-out sprint race through the woods of Upper Manhattan. The XC'er climbs through snaking singletrack, the youth hauls through the pump track, the DH'er blasts back down a berm- and drop-infested freeride trail, an XC/'Cross/Road rider sprints up an absurdly steep paved path at full bore, then the Super-D'er rips back down a technical XC trail that makes grown men cry. Tough? Yes. Fast? You bet. Fun? Of course. It's the first-ever Highbridge Hustle & Flow!

30 teams of 5 riders will test their mettle on the Highbridge Park trails for their chance to sit in the hot seat and claim victory in a race unlike any in the Northeast. For those of extraordinary skill and fitness who think they can hack it all, a limited number of solo entries are also available (please contact Jamie Bogner to arrange for solo entry). Great prizes from sponsors await, but this race isn't about medals or trinkets, it's about guts, glory… and survival.

Download a pdf map of the course here:

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THRASH BIKE JAM – San Diego, CA – April 12-14

THRASH BIKE JAM  -  San Diego, CA  -  April 12-14
- – Atomlab – Black Market - Profile -
 - Hoven – Mountain Cycle - Chipotle - Clairmont YMCA -
               – with more sponsors to be added
Come to San Diego for an early spring weekend and enjoy the best weather in the USA. This is the 
weekend before Sea Otter so you can turn this into a big California road trip. Be sure to check out our
host hotel (Extended Stay America). There will be a ton of swag all weekend as well as a pro purse
at the YMCA Skatepark. We'll have a ton of photos and video of the event posted on

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Almost Done….

In the spirit of not letting friends ride junk, here's a look at my hardtail project. Im just waiting on a few parts to complete the build. It should a be a fun summer.

Just a Reminder!

Spring is just around the corner and its that time when to start build those for the upcoming season if you havent already. If you haven't or know of someone who has, just yourself and the people you ride with…
btw, Open Road hasnt been open in years, but this is one of those classic bumper sticker for you old schoolers out there. 

The Truth about DC Shoes and the King of New York

  I think sucks when a big company like DC would steal from the little guys, when they have a whole creative team who could have came up with their own title for a comp. Next thing you some big company will try to steal the "Brooklyn Bike Riders" and use it for their own personal gains and goals…


Now read this: 


The annual King of New York event was founded in the Bronx by Lou Perez in 1995. Lou ran the event every year until he handed over the reigns to me at baby bean Productions in 2006.  With first Lou and now baby bean running the show, the event has gotten better and better, year after year.


In addition to the amazing athletes and enthusiastic crowds at the heart of the King of New York event, a team of great sponsors helps elevate the King of New York to the kick-ass event that it is.  Not long ago, baby bean invited clothing and sneaker giant DC Shoes to join the King of New York event family of sponsors.  We thought DC Shoes would be a great fit (no pun intended) but unfortunately, DC Shoes completely ignored our invitation.


So it hit us like a ton of bricks when we learned that DC Shoes had stolen the “King of New York” name and concept for its own event.  Adding insult to injury, DC Shoes suggested that the “King of New York” event was its own creation!


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The Forum is BACKK!!!!!

After a week long trying to figure what the hell was going. I just figured out the forum software I was using out dated and need to be move into a newer database. Anyway, I managed to move everything into the forum, so go back and start your internet bashing!