Extreme Segwaying!

This is what happens when you merge Tech Geeks with the extreme love for th outdoors and want something that is environmentally friendly too.




Slope Ranger Pics!

Wow! This is what I'm talking about! Raw steel, one-sided jack shaft system and simpicity! I thought the FQ was baddass, but this takes the cake…

slope ranger

slope ranger 2

The bike weighs 38.5 as shown
68 degree head tube
16.25” – 16.75” chain stay
22.5” top tube actual 24” effective,
14.375 BB height.

BMW has new toys this year

    I’m sure you heard all the rumors about Brooklyn Machine Works , and its future since Doc left and hip hop producer Pharrell is involved in BMW's future. There have 5 new bikes to choose from this summer. Two are in production the "Gangsta Track" Bike, and the "Twin Top Tube Cruiser", which you may have seen around town already. But soon they will release the infamous ACL (Anson City Limited) a signature model street bike designed & tested by and for Mr. Wellington himself. Finally he is getting the recognition he deserves. Not to mention a 10th Anniversary Limited Edition BMX, which I remember being their first bmx bike with 10 inches of suspension in the rear. I wonder what ever happened to that thing? And finally a slope-style bike for all your "big, air, tailwhipping, barspinning, backflipping, table topping, hitting on cute chicks at Union Square, one handed, nofooted, 720ing, pissing off XCers as you fly by them, chilling at the banks talking about the old days when biking was real, rock dropping, dirt jumping, hitting the trails on the weekends, freeride" needs. I just know I might have re-think what bikes I’m building this year. 

and here's a sneak peek on what the bmx is going to look like.

bmw bmx


Check the detail in the drop outs.

bmw dropouts


internal headset
mid bottom bracket
990 mounts
1 ¾" od down tube
1 ½" od top tube
Head tube 74 deg
Seat tube 71 deg
TT length 20 ¾”
BB height 11 ¼”
Chain stay 13 3/4” – 14 ¾”
Weight 5.4 pounds