Looking for a Ride?

If you're like me Im looking for a ride to the US Open at Diablo Freeride Park on the week of May 22nd- May24th. As now I dont have one, and there's no easy way of getting without a car. Gerald just informed me that he is trying to arrange for a Shuttle Bus from Brooklyn or NYC to Mountain at a reasonable rate. This Shuttle Bus is open to anyone looking for a ride for 15 riders, first come, first served even if you dont have a bike and want check out the US Open first hand. The Shuttle Bus will able to handle 15 riders with their gear and the bikes go into the attached trailer. The driver is CDL certifed and insured.
Even if you drive you should consider taking the Shuttle Bus, since you wont have worry about driving back when tired, fatigued or injured and take risk of driving off the road.
So you're still looking for a ride call Gerald at Racer's Edge, (718)531-3100 and tell him that you want to be on the list for the Shuttle Bus the weekend of the US Open.