Updated Brooklyn Machine Works site!

Looks like Brooklyn Machine Works has updated the U.S. site finally. The U.K. had a funky look to thanks to Ged and now the U.S. version has done the same. There's a few interesting bikes that popped on the site, like the their prototype Track-bike from a few years ago. And the Twin top-tube cruiser that has been seen a few months ago in Japanese fashion rag with Anson Wellington. Also its nice to see the prices have drop on the Racelink from $3700 to $3300, maybe one day I can afford one of those mean machines. So yeah check it, click on all the links and drool on your keyboards…

Race Pedals making a come back!

Word has it Andy of what was known as NYC Freeride has redesign the popular Race pedals with a newer stronger axle. If the pedals are like the old design they grip to your shoe as if you were clipped it. The pedals should be available soon! Check your local for more details.