Kranked 6

Thanks to NYCMTB for hosting the premiere of "Kranked 6: Progression", it was great to see everyone. The movie itself was cool, Ryan and Porter's segments was intensely flowing and smooth. I hope to see more from Bjorn, its been awhile since Kranked 5. I have always enjoyed the Kranked Series. Its one of those movies series that would make me want to ride, if I wasn't  a rider already.

This weekend if you're a few of us are going to Trubull for some freeride/xc action, check the forum for more info.

Not totally done, but getting there!

As a lot of you must have noticed the BBR site has down and reshifted again for the second time this year. Well as the story goes, I needed to update the site software, and things didnt go so smoothy during the updates, I lost access to all the pictures, I couldnt unlock the site from the maintance mode and there was no easy fix. I went ahead and installed newer package and have been working on as much as I could, its almost done. I spent some reimporting my old news, pictures, and tweaking CSS & HTML codes. I hope you everybody enjoys this new look and hopefully I dont have another snafu.

Oh dont forget, this weekend is the last weekend for Plattekill to be open to bikes and nextweek is the preimere of Kranked 6 hosted by NYCMTB in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



presented locally by NYCMTB

Tuesday, November 7

at Galapagos • 70 North 6th Street • between Kent & Wythe • Williamsburg, Brooklyn
$12 at the door • doors at 7, movie at 8
DVD and swag giveaways

Movie features:

Ryan Leech
Eric Porter
Steve Romaniuk
Ben Boyko
Mike Kinrade
Kirt Voreis
Jamie Goldman
Nathan Rennie
Steve Peat
and more!

Each rider builds their dream trail, and then rides it!

Come support NYCMTB's efforts to build the first legal mountain bike trails in NYC, and check out one of the best new mtb films of the past few years.

Trailers can be viewed at:
Film presented locally by:

Directions to Galapagos: