7.19.06: Core Tour KOD(King of Dirt) CANCELLED

Just in Case you didnt know, the KOD is back in town at South Street Seaport this Saturday and Sunday. Come down its fun for everybody.
The 2006 King of Dirt (KOD) Series is bustin' out! We're putting up a ton of cash and prizes at each stop. Cool prizes, cold hard cash, big air and fierce competition will make the KOD better than ever.

Ryan Guettler is back to defend his title and you can bet that Nyquist, Nasty and Aussie Boy's are gonna be squaring off to take the title in 2006. Other heavy hitters like Cam White, Chalk, Cooke and Kehl are always a threat and are hungry this year. Don't miss any of the exciting KOD action.

The Big Air Challenge will soar to new heights in 2006. The Old Skool vets who have dominated in the past will face stiff competition from a slew of new pros and amateur dirt pilots (astronauts?). Come see these guys blast through the 20'0" barrier on their way to fame and fortune.

Contests at each location
KOD Pro Contest
$60 entry fee

KOD Amateur Contest
Great prizes – $35 entry fee

KOD Big Air Contest
$2,000 Winner Take All (Open to registered Ams and Pros)