A whole month has pasted since I really wrote anything, I guess you're was wondering what has been going on with BBR? Plenty if you have been reading the forums, Super Dave is now a proud father of dropping-freeriding boy, Chun broke his ankle at Mountain Creek, and my Camo-painted Steel Tankass to mention a few topics. I also have been riding my hardtail more and more trying to bring up my riding skills. And we cant forget a possible BBR Fourth of July BBQ in Brooklyn, but stay tune to the boards for that info.
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Welcome to the home of Brooklyn Bike Riders

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6.05.04: Snowshoe West Virginia

Snowshoe West Virginia
Freeride Festival
May 28th- 30th 2004
Submitted by Rob, Edited by Iggy

Allured by the media blitz of photos of wooden ladder bridges and massive drops, myself and 4 other Brooklyn Bike Riders made the pilgrimage to Snowshoe, WV on Memorial Day Weekend for the 1st Annual Freeride Festival. We were a diverse group of riders, Klaus-Danish Downhill Specialist, Chun-Huckster/Dirtjumper Extraordinaire, Kelvin-Freeride Freak, Scott-Hardtail Hucker, and myself.
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