10.25.05: BBR in Penthouse!

Took a break from working on the Whistler pics, so I show you what happens at Jeff Lenosky's house when you he invites a bunch of pros to ride the hell out of his backyard. Be on the look out for pics from the "Riders for Life" bmx comp held at Owl's Head Park a couple weeks ago, here's a small sample of that event. Don't worry I didn't forget about Interbike.
Oh before I forget, if you're old enough, check the out the December's issue of Penthouse Magazine. There's a 6 page article entitled "FREERIDERS", about the freeride scene in Brooklyn and it features Super Dave, Anson, Racer's Edge and Brooklyn Bike Riders.


Finally some new pics, also a new change to the gallery page. I sorted each year onto its own page for easy loading. I hope to have tons of photo up this week, since Im able to catch up. I have tons stuff to bring you such as our 2 week trip to the Whistler Bike Park, Jeff Lenosky's Dirt Jam, InterBike'05 and random photos of your favorite BBR riders.