It was great to see everybody who came out on Sunday, and a special thanks to Wally's wife and daughter for playing hostesses as I ran around with Kevin & Alex getting provisions. And next time I promise not to buy burgers that don't fall apart…

4.12.05: Hot Grips & Tires Anyone!!!

Finally got a chance to add a few pics to the Gallery enjoy them. ***Hot Grips & Tires Anyone!!!, I hear they stick to ribs quite well!***
This weekend is the 1st anniversary of Racer's Edge opening, April 17th in 2004. It could be a nice way to have a big meet and greet at the shop in Canarsie. Come out on foot, bike, car or whatever you have and celebrate. The weather should be nice enough to even do some BBQing, you know the the usually hot-dogs, burgers, veggie patties and whatever else we can throw on the grill.
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