Seem to be having trouble with the server for the past days, hope things will clear soon, sorry for the delays. Besides for our server being down, Mountain Creek wasn't open this weekend due to legal issues and a lot people are upset at that fact. But don't fret, it should open in time for Diablo Freeride Dominion Race Series this weekend.
Also for those who didnt know this weekend was the 5th annual Bicycle Film Festival. This year selection had more MTB movies than previous years, such films as "The Collective, "Counter Parts", "Medication", and "A New Perspective" edited by our very own BBR member Shino.
In other news, BBR T-shirts are officially sold out at Racer's Edge and even from my private stock. You know the ones with the BBR Logos front and back, anything else are bogus and doesn't directly support Brooklyn Bike Riders directly. I'll keep you posted once more are available and never buy cheap imitations.
I finally finished my Banshee "Scream" Freeride Bike with the help of a few people. Thanks to Gerald, Russ, Super Dave, Carl, Will, Gary and Daveed (for returning my cranks). The bike isn't totally finish, but the bike can be ridden for now till I upgrade.


Didn't make to the Plattekill's first due to last minute transportation whoes. but I'm trying not to miss the opening weekend of Mountain Creek, even if I ride street ready Tankass on a 3 inch fork and knobbies. And before I forget check out the new pics in the gallery.