Is it winter yet? Its defintity starting to feel like it, eeh winter blues here we come. I have working hard trying to pump out all the pics I have taken so far, I just uploaded pics from the Owl's Head BMX Comp. I guess its time to recap my year, fix parts of my I didnt like and make new goals for the upcoming year. Here's a couple I need to announce if you didnt know already, Anson Wellington has been finally picked up Brooklyn Machince Works with a full sponsorship. I accept see to some things from this union, being Anson's riding has really progess since his first Park Bike and now things are coming full circle.
Also SORBA Freeride Alliance in conjunction with HCOR.NET will be holding their first annual "Winter Splinter" on Sunday, December 11, 2005 beginning at 9:00am at the Factory Skatepark near Atlanta, Georgia. For any up-to-date changes, please check SoFA’s website, www.ridesofa.org.