Tuesday's night event was great success, there was a lot faces out to see Anson part in ReUnion. Everybody seem to enjoy themselves as they witness the stupid human tricks on this rocking dvd. I think it's a must have for the collection, especially if you have a personalized autograph copy by Mr. Wellington himself! Also special thanks goes out to Angelo of ANew Gen Cycles for sponsoring the event and to Andy of NYC Freeride for the free goodie. Hopefully there will more events like this in the coming year, if there is I suggest not missing it.


If you wasn't there on Sunday's Ride, you missed a classic moment. A crack fiend tried to heist my bike in front of Papa John's. I guess she figured the non-looking downhill bike, belong to anybody there. Well she was wrong, she was quickly stopped by Mr. Mullet and then surround by all the fellas there. It one of moments you had to be there for…