The Westchester Horse Council are planning a judged trail ride (for horses only, sorry guys no bikes). They asked me to post a warning about this event. Please do not plan to ride in Saxon Woods Park, White Plains, NY on this coming Sunday, Sept 28th. They would appreciate any cooperation you can give them on this urgent matter, so no riding. In turn hopefully they can give us the same respect when we ride there. So please be advise that Saxon Woods will be patrolled that day and tickets will be given out.
Thanks Fellas.

Also this Friday is Critical Mass, so come out and hang with the troops in the largest night ride ever. We will meet on the north side of Union Square Park @ 7p.m.

9.23.03. Central Park Freeriding

Central Park 2002: Its my first freeride video I started making last year but never completed, but I will add this to what I have collected so far. Kick back and Enjoy.
Keep in mind this is a big file, so do yourself the flavor and download it before you view it.

9.19.03: Critical Mass

OH Dont Forget To Mark Your Calendar, Next week is Critical Mass Friday. On the last Friday of every month a large group of cyclists take a roll through the city. They meet at the north end of Union Square Park at 7pm and start moving about 7:30 pm. Trust me folks this isn't something to dont want to miss out on. Especially with at least 2000 cyclists spanning 2-3 city blocks, traffic is cut off, so no cars can get through while the group is in motion, going who knows where??? Just come out even if its to see the craziest bikes you will ever see and not to mention their owners. And there's even an after party (sometimes).

9.19.03: Plattekill Closing?


Hey all – Mountain biking as you know it on state lands, parks and trails may be going the way of the Wooly Mamouth.

The DEC is proposing HEAVY restrictions on use of state lands by mountain bikers, yeah we’ve been singled-out again. Meanwhile your friendly neighbors who like to hike, hunt, snowmobile, ATV and dump on those same lands will be able to continue to do so. If you want to continue to bike on state lands (like those at the top and back of Plattekill), here’s what you can do…

Check out this site


and send your written comments by October 15th. If you are a NY resident, you have even more leverage to shoot your wad. Tell them why you want access, why you DESERVE access to those lands.

Site the impact of other users — hunters leave bloody guts and hikers leave their lunch (in more ways than one) on state lands that pollute our water system. Snowmobliers and ATV have higher traffic volumes and diliterious (like that one) erosion to trail systems.

Offer the benefits of mountain biking, its low-impact on state lands and trails with residual effect on the environment, But mountain biking makes a BIG impact on the local economy. Tell them that your access to state lands for mountain biking is the sole reason you come to the Catskills. AND just this reason…and if you don’t get to ride up here, you won’t be bringing your tourist dollars with you. And don’t forget the great things that mountain biking brings to a personal level…self-confidence, self-esteem, enjoyment of spansive vistas (and close-ups of rocks), lots of laughs and stories…a bonding experience on two wheels… (okay that might be a bit over the top, but you get the drift).

This is serious, you guys…the last public hearing is on Saturday at Belleayre Mountain. After that, the only way you can get your point across about using state lands to bike is by the almighty pen…Get scratching and email us if you need any help…Otherwise, mountain biking as we know it may wind up being a huckster-shredding, multi-suspension ride suspended from the ceiling of the Smithsonian.

Thanks for your support. Until then…Shut Up And Ride!!!

Tara Collins
Marketing Director
Ski/Bike Plattekill
Plattekill Mountain Road
Roxbury, NY 12474
(607) 326-3500, ext. 11


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