6 Brooklyn Machine Works Stolen, this weekend

Be on the look out for these bikes!!!
(taken from hcor.net)

Six bikes stolen from Williamsburg Brooklyn NY
between 10p – 6a April 27/28. Please contact Brooklyn Machine Works if
you have any information leading to the retrieval of these bikes.
718-387-3307. Thank you.

Brooklyn Machine Works Hitman #2 Grey
Brooklyn Machine Works Supertrucker #1 Yamaha Blue
Brooklyn Machine Works TMX #41 Maroon (no pic avail)
Brooklyn Machine Works Race Link #57 White
Booklyn Machine Works Park #212 Sea Foam Green
Spooky Project X Yellow (no pic avail)

ShoeBox iN A Bucket, This Friday!

ShoeBox iN A Bucket
April, 21 2006 at Pussy Cat Lounge
96 Greenwich St. New York City 2 blocks South of World Trade Center, Manhattan , NY
Cost: 10
Take the 1 or 9 Downtown to Rector. You can also Take the 4 or the 5 Downtown to Wall Street. You can also take the N or the R to Down Town Rector.

21 and Over!

Reminder! Racer’s Edge’s 2nd year Anniversary Weekend!

This will be the second year Racer's Edge is open, and things look great at the shop. Gerald is getting at sorts of new goodies for your riding pleasure. So drop by this weekend and say Hello and wish Gerald luck. And while dont foget to have your bike tweaked and prep for the new season, because as you know the weather is getting warmer. Im sure there will be a ride happening this weendend, so drop by and tag along.

Look out for pictures from Motorama '06, Clearview Trails, B-Underground and Hackette's Town…

4.07.06: The day BBR changed again!

What in the world is Happening!!?!?!?!

After 6 weeks, of researching, installing, tweaking, crashing different CMSs, I finally release the new look for the BBR site. I was driving myself crazy, but I finally got it working. I still have tons so everything is done. I tons of pics to upload, videos to plugin, and what ever mad scientist stuff I run. So poke around and enjoy the new world of Brooklyn Bike Riders!

Now you can submit stories, links, and upload photos (in a zip file, photos only)!