Reminder Bike Shuttle to the Creek, $40 Round Trip

Pick up & drop off is: 14th street union square, in front of 'Barnes & Nobles' book store
Weekend:SATURDAY 6/26/2010
Prices: $40.00, round trip 2 the "DIABLO" & back to the city "NYC".
Time: SATURDAY, @ 7:00am sharp, rain or shine. Be back in the city by 7:00,pm.

deposit  if u are going 'deposit' for your seat on the 'shuttle' is necessary ($20.00), there are no refunds.

Please be sure u are going before u mess everyones ride up.
How many people: we need (8-10) peoples, every weekend to go. 'shuttle bus' holds (15) passengers.

BUT, been having trouble for you riders to call or e-mail. 4 weekends pass by already.
All Im asking for is support (RIDERS). Im trying to help you step up your game.

contact: Donelle