12.25.05: e.thirteen unveils all new 2006 products

e.thirteen unveils all new 2006 products and
Guide Picker™ on revamped web site

e.thirteen components unveils its brand new web site, which includes the revamped preassembled 2006 SRS and STS systems, and the popular DRS dual ring system. Additionally, this is the public’s first close look at the new pre-assembled LG1, SST, and 32Special chain retention systems. The new web site also introduces the Guide Picker, a first-of-its-kind tool that helps riders choose the best chain retention system for their bike.

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12.14.05: GHY’s The Gathering

Another month, another set of updates. Before anything, BBR shirts are available at Racer's Edge Cycles. Now back to the business at hand, I finally finished with the Whistler photos, I hope the wait was whole it. I still believe I made it to Whistler this summer or believe I had surgery because of a small fall. But I didnt let that stop me, I still manage to go out dancing all night long and ride most of the day off when I wasnt resting. Enough about me, check the gallery and here's a reminder from Steve(aka Kelvin's twin and Stunt Double) @ Go Huck Yourself:
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