Urban Assault MTB XCE Race: Sunday June 3rd, 2012

Urban Assault MTB ‘XC Eliminator’ Race


Coming to Poughkeepsie NY on the 3rd of June is the Urban Assault!


‘A New Style’ short adventure packed Urban Style MTB XC Eliminator Race.



Contact Gunter at 845 256 8073 or email gunter@wildcatepicevents.com


Set up to start and finish at the main event site. With spectator friendly obstacles and a max of 2 miles of racecourse used. The Urban Assault is the featured event at the 2012 Hudson Valley Outdoor Adventure Expo.

Other events at the Expo include the 2 Bridges Open Water Swim, the Walkway 5K run/walk, and The Children’s Museum Kids Fun Run. And we have a great range of exhibitors, live music and lots of family fun.

The Urban Assault XCE will have a qualifying round with heats and a semi final and final for maximum crowd enjoyment.

6-8 riders in a heat with the structure depending on entries

Categories ( to date): U23 Male/ Female

Open Male/Female

Entry Fee: $35 Online and at the Expo on Saturday.

$45 Race day registration available.


The Course: The Urban Assault race is a 1.9 mile lap course.

A mixture of Urban and Off-road riding with some man made features mixed into get the heart pumping. Riders can expect to be riding on stonewalls, park benches, wooden berms, access to the skate park, a hill climb challenge and a drop-off into the Main Event site!!


· Heats will be 3 laps

· Semi Final will be 2 laps

· Final will be a 1-lap sprint to crown the Urban Assault champion!!

Start Time: First heats start at 12 Noon.

Pre Riding allowed in the morning.

Prize giving around 4:30-5PM

Sign up now for the Urban Assault MTB XCE! Click here or go to http://www.OutdoorAdventureExpoHV.com

Website Update

Hi, its been a while since I posted anything bike related or updated the BBR site. The good news, I have been really busy with work for the past 2 years, but also diving into another passion of mine, DJing (not dirt jumping). I have been a DJ for over 20 years.  Though life is still busy for me, I want to start updating the site on a regular basis again. I just want to remind everyone, I haven’t forgot about you guys. Hopefully I can really start riding again next year, and reconnect with my BBR family again.

If you’re curious about my DJing, check me out at deejaysoul.com

Police To Start Ticketing Speeding Prospect Park Cyclists

How serious are the police taking their promise to slow down speeding bikers in Prospect Park? So seriously they are following the Daily News’ lead and actively try to enforce the speed limit in the park. Still, “We’re not going to be jumping out of trees, ticketing for little things like wearing headphones,an NYPD spokesman told the Brooklyn Paper.

In particular the police and Parks Enforcement Patrol officers—who appear to have been out in force last weekend—are going to be looking for fast bikers going above the 25-mile-per-hour speed limit and those who cycle against the flow of traffic. Especially, according to 78th Precinct commanding officer John Argenziano, on the stretch along the downhill part of West Drive near the Vanderbilt Playground where multiple pedestrians have been hurt this year.

Beyond handing out tickets, the police and PEP have also been handing out flyers with information for cyclists:

The addition of ticketing cops in the park comes after the Department of Transportation placed barrels on the offending hill to try and slow cyclists down. But is it working? If you’ve been in the park lately tell us, have you noticed any


difference in the speed and attitude of its cyclists? Has the increased attention made any pedestrians feel safer?

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