NYCFreeride/Xpparel, New Garb!

(NEW YORK) – Brooklyn, NY has always been a place of radical change; in the past decade there have been a number of small businesses that have pledged their allegiance to begin in Brooklyn and thrive in Brooklyn. One of these companies is NYCFreeride, which, is amongst some of the premier mountain biking component companies claiming refuge in the heart of Brooklyn.

As a progressive company NYCFreeride has been open to exploring new ideas and ways to promote their brand as well as streamline their operations. One of these new ideas is a partnership with a radical new company Xpparel. The premise behind the partnership is the delegation of all NYCFreeride branded apparel to Xpparel. NYCFreeride gets to produce their products and Xpparel manages the apparel lines from start to finish; all the while leaving NYCFreeride to focus on what they do best; making components.

Founder and President of NYCFreeride Andrew Grossi commented on the importance of branded apparel saying, “It’s become clear in the extreme sports industry that apparel sales drive a brand. As much as we love seeing our components as a platform for our brand, there’s no doubt that branded apparel builds brand recognition”.

Xpparel founders Matt Wilson and Rob Ianelli are eager to develop the construction and enhancement of apparel lines for the extreme sports industry.  Wilson was quoted saying, “We are looking to build into a one-stop shop to find clothing from your favorite niche action sports company”. Xpparel provides both a streamlined apparel solution for extreme sports gear manufacturers as well as provide a distinct website for niche extreme sports enthusiasts to purchase apparel they identify with and want to represent.

As of now NYCFreeride apparel can be found on their website as well as . Customers can choose from current styles of shirts and accessories. For more information on Xpparel email direct

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