Welcome to a New Year!

I hope everyone had a good new year eve's celebration, I thought I would start sharing items I find at work to past time till the warm weather rolls around again.
It a bmx classic movie from the late 80s. Videos than arent as seroius as movies are now about riding and showing who is the most technical, but it was about showing off your riding and having fun. Aggroman by Eddie Roman, is good example how videos were fun back then. I never seen when I was younger, but I didnt see ads for it. Watching it now reminds on why I started riding and remember people who I started out with. Either way sit back and enjoy. 
Disclaimer: I didnt upload this video, I found a link to it by searching on google.
Also if find any other bmx/mtb videos you would like to share send me the link and a line or two about the video to: iggy@brooklynbikeriders.com