11.30.04: Brooklyn Banks Closing

A month has past since the closing of Mountain Creek and I still can feel rush of ridng down the Dominion line and hitting the all the table tops on my steel hardtail. It was the best the time I ever had at the Creek its a shame it had to come to a end, but what I thnk about the most is all cool people I have met on NY/NJ/PA Freeride & Downhill scene this past season. And I look foward to seeing some these faces next year if not sooner.
On a more serious note, something heard on the rumormill, that the infamous "Brooklyn Banks" will be removed, leveled, and replaced with tennis and volley ball courts and it could happen as soon as this weekend. The smaller banks is already fenced off and considered a construction zone and the bigger bank area had fencing poles placed all around the area. If you can get down there ride till you cant ride no more, because a piece of the NYC Scene will be destroyed and this goes for RIDERS of wheels. BIKERS, SKATERS and BLADERS!!!