Red Bike Blue Bike

A pedal-powered take on an advertising classic.

A simple concept – nip over to france on the ferry, get a lift to the top of the mountain and get back home, by bike, as fast as possible. James Ioannou and Harry Steele feature in Red Bike Blue Bike had a race, our take on the classic commercial.

Think of the stupid things you’ve done for fashion (we’ve all had a baggy jeans and Mohawk moment) – imagine if that power to influence could be used to do something good, for the environment. Rapanui is about making Eco Cool. The launch of our 2010 collection is aimed at a wide audience but we’ve managed to save room for our action sports roots – as has our photographer James Ioannou.

He’s a bit of a legend when it comes to riding bikes and he has spent the last couple of weeks in France working on a feature-length bike documentary with Nico Turner, another up-and-comer in the bike world, featuring our stuff getting thrown about the mountains on the backs of some of the UK’s maniac downhill riders.

The boys took time out to cut and edit a 4-minute long piece for Rapanui that we’ve been thinking of doing for a while; taking a design classic and adding a modern, eco twist. This is our actionsports nod to Red Car Blue Car had a race, packed with big airs, rapid downhill, HD onboard cam’s and 45ft+ gaps, backed up with a solid soundtrack from Rapanui’s tune-consultants Blue King Brown, groove meets green meets Rage against the machine.


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