Help bring a Trail/ Jump Park near you!

I ran into Mike Vitti at Fat Tire Fest a couple weeks ago, and I got to talking to him about how we can a park in Brooklyn, or at least something that's not one hour or more away. I like going to Highbridge and Cunningham, but they are easily a hour and half away from me, and taking at least 3 trains. All that traveling is no fun on the weekends when that train service is being slowed down. The reason why I'm writing is to ask for help to scout for areas in Brooklyn that could be a good area to build a Trail/ Jump Park. The city offered a space at Floyd Bennet's Field just past King Plaza, which if you dont know is pretty far out and super flat. I know there's plenty of hidden parks through out Brooklyn that can be a potential area for riding. One of the areas I always think about is Prospect Park, which I think need to be scouted and come up with real suggestions for riding areas. The City is almost willing consider any area that's under developed and needs to be cleaned up. Similarly like why Highbridge was considered, since it was filled with junk, homeless people & junkies. In Prospect, the three areas that come to mind to me is the Flatbush Trails, the area above the monument stair's, and the area in the middle of the park near the Shepherd's Fields. I'm sure something can be built near the horse trails too. Another ark I mentioned to Mike was Lincoln Terrence Park, since I have seen a few times motocycles riders in there illegally, there's plenty of space to build a Jump park at least. That's the thing to even build a jump park it wouldn't take much space, for example, Highbridge Jumps are built in an area of 100×250 feet. And because of the size there's been plenty of inquires from other states & city to Mike about how can be done.
So if you have any suggestions please feel free to post them here or email me at Also if you can include photos and any info about the area. I believe this can happen, but its not going to happen without help from you guys.
Thanks for reading.