Deity’s site has been updated


The long awaited 2008 deity site is finally here!

2008 marks a new chapter for deity starting with the debut of their all new website that showcases the new 2008 deity product line in a feature rich package that bleeds deity’s style on every page.

Wanting to deliver far more than the typical formulaic web site layout, the 2008 site has not only emphasized the refined direction deity is seeking, but also delivers comprehensive features and details of their all new 2008 product line plus so much more.

Our goal with the 08 site was to bring everyone a lot more information about our products while also cleaning up the artistic vision we are known for. We are constantly striving to step things up and as we always listen to the feedback from our customers, dealers, riders, and even people who do not support us, we wanted to elevate the level of information we provide and of course…have it reflect our style, voice, and passions.” Eric Davies, deity owner.

“I do the graphics, designs, and site myself, so creatively it can become quite exhausting, but it has always been important for me not to pay someone else to try and decipher our vision, but to dive into it myself and hopefully get my intentions across the way we see fit. This has always been true with everything we do and I think we showcase a clear voice because it comes from the source, not some marketing manager with a degree or someone else who is schooled in the technical aspects of site design. We know what we want and we are willing to work 24 hours a day to get it.”

With the all new 08 line becoming available throughout the month of February, the first product to hit your local dealers shelves is the full Jump Series of Saddles, expanded Softgoods range, and of course, the new Vendetta Crankset which are all available right now!

Coming in 3 graphic kits, the 08 Jump Series is a departure from the past saddle and has been streamlined into a lightweight and compact design. With an attention to minimalism, the goal with the 08 Jump Series was simple…keep is clean, light, and out of the way.

The Softgoods range continues to expand with the introduction of two new shirt designs, “By Night” and “Terror”, alongside the new “Termite Full Zip Hoody” and “Retribution Button Up Jacket”. Known within and outside the bicycle industry, the deity Softgoods line can be found on the chest of musicians, athletes, filmmakers, and more across the globe.

Originally a 2008 prerelease, the all new Vendetta Crankset has been a work of labor for the past 2.5 years as deity went to the drawing board with the goal to mold the elegance and attention to detail of a MTB crankset with the ease of adjustability and serviceability of a cr-mo kit. The difference is in the details as the Vendetta Crankset is a lightweight contender that is designed specifically for the needs of a mountain bike while not carrying the burden of weight. Featuring self extracting crankbolts, their ABS preload system, Bearing Blowout Spacers, Hollow spindles, hollow bolts, 7075 T6 aluminum hardware, short spline bosses, and so much more…the Vendetta Crankset is available in two formats: with either the Vendetta 68/73 BB kit or the Vendetta 83mm DH BB kit. Detailed within a 14 plus page layout, the 2008 deity site covers every aspect of the new Vendetta Crankset in a high-resolution format.

Nevertheless, this is only the beginning for their 2008 plans as the deity crew have a lot more in store for late 2008 and 2009 from new product additions, refinements to the existing line ups, and a constant goal to remove every gram possible.

“We cannot help but revisit every one of our parts each week to see how we can elevate what we are doing to another level, so in late 2008, everyone can expect to see quite a few new parts that I know will be of interest and continue to reaffirm that we are here to stay. We are excited about what we have been working on and as we love every form of riding, do not be surprised if you even see us become a force in the DH race scene as our goal is to make our presence felt and to bring you another option in the component market.”

Entering their fifth year, deity has continued to maintain their reputable status as a leader in customer service, accessibility, and a company that has always marched to its own beat. Never hesitant to do their own thing and speak their mind, you can rest assured that the 08 site will continue to reflect their vision, passion, love for their sport, and the fact that they breathe who and what they are.

“I have always said that we are far more than “just” a bike part company. If we wanted to be “pretty” and watered down, I would have done things very differently from day one, but I have worked for those companies and deity will always be a pure reflection of us and the people who see themselves in what we do. It is difficult to avoid our imagery and I know that it may keep some people from supporting us, but in the end, it matters more to me that we never use deity as a sole money making entity, and that we keep it what is…raw, gritty, hungry, and honest.”

With many plans set for the years to come, keep an eye out for deity as 2008 is only the beginning!

***A 110% Rider owned, operated, designed, developed, and funded company, deity was born on 04.04.04 in an attempt to deliver something different to people looking for a company they could relate to. Since 2004, deity has grown into a small company that is proud to have the devoted support of so many riders and people who understand their direction and wear the deity flag proudly on their backs.

Make sure to check out the “News” page at for the latest news on the deity roster of riders that is comprised of Cameron Zink, Kyle Strait, Lars Tribus, Nate Adams, Emily Johnston, Carter Holland, Logan Peat, Adam Hauck, Taylor Sage, Griz, Steven Bafus, Peanut, and Lance Mosley!