Upgrade your park for 2014!

Hey everybody, the Brooklyn Bike Park is trying to raise funds for the new season. Why not take a minute, dig deep and pitch in what you can. Just remember this park is for you, and its core the people who will maintain it are the riders.

Right now, the staff at Brooklyn Bike Park are hard at work, preparing for a landmark season…..and YOU can help!
Last year you helped open the most unique bike park in New York City, and the first legal off-road bike facility in the borough of Brooklyn. This season, consider how your gift can help reinforce that foundation. Brooklyn Bike Park is now a 501c3 non-profit, and your contribution is tax Deductible.
Check out some of what we’re putting together at the park;

  • New clay cap over the entire track, and new features within the track and surrounding skills loop.
  • New, permanent lighting within the track and common areas will allow for night operations in our schedule this season.
  • New products and a wider selection at our Pro Shop.
  • More bikes.
  • More Staff.
  • Afterschool programs through June 26th.
  • Weekend ride instruction classes.
  • Fully computerized waiver & Check-in.
  • More racing!

These Initiatives cannot happen without your support! Please join our movement by donating today!

Meet us Halfway, win a new Ride!!! Each $50 you contribute buys you one ticket to win a Giant Bicycles XTC carbon 29′er valued at $1900!
Share the Momentum! We can’t do the bike giveaway if we don’t meet our Halfway goal! Making your contribution is only part of the contest -You need to share this fundraiser far and wide, and get your friends to donate!

Photo credits; Sarah Goodyear, Al Cayne

SOURCE: http://www.brooklynbikepark.causevox.com