Redbull Rampage is Back! And Here’s is the Footage to Prove it.

What a weekend, 4 years in the waiting and then it rose from the ashes, Red Bull Rampage: The Evolution is back and how. An insane course with riders going nuts on 60ft jumps, vertical cliff drops and sickest lines in freeriding you'll ever see. was there and we made sure you could follow everything straight on the internet. Below you'll find a recap of all the videos from this weekend. 


Red Bull Rampage Highlights Final:


Red Bull Rampage Brandon Semenuk 1st:

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Red Bull Rampage Kurt Sorge 2nd:


Red Bull Rampage Vanderham 3rd:


Red Bull Rampage Qualifying:


Day Two
Red Bull Rampage Day Two:


Day One
Red Bull Rampage Day One: