What’s new at the Racer’s Edge!

I always going to the bike shop even if Im not getting my bike worked on. There's always something cool to check out in personal and make you drool…

Instant Bling Factor! Profile Imperial 25t Spocket wrapped with a KMC Gold SL Chain




S&M Inferno Stem, Anodized Purple, and Classic Black.


  S&M Slam Bars light enough to race with and tough enough for streets of Brooklyn.

Slam Bars

 Animal Jump Off Stems, noticed the classic engraved graphics versus printed graphics. If I had buy one one these gems it would be the engraved one in purple if you can find it.

Jump Off

Animal Hamilton Pedals, 10 pins to rip your shins aparts. And dont forget the box doubles at a stencil to spray paint the Animal logo at your favorite spots, helmet, and clothes. 

ABike pedal

Hey! You Tough Guy! Buy buy these parts before I break you face!

The only seat that I know that has a bag. 

BM seat

2" or 3" Raise, your choice

BM Bars

shoot your bike in 2 different angles with these stems

BM stem 

Federal Hamilton is a sweet looking frame with its internal headset and european bottom bracket at 5.5lbs.

 hamilton frame

If you're an OG rider who wants an OG bike that looks pimp, look no further than this Bulldog Illmatic frame. It has european bottom bracket, standard headtube, squared chain & seat stays and a wicked Green paint job with gold graphics.



Let's not forget the about the fresh gear.


Lotek Fitted, black with gold graphics

lotek fitted

 Animal Fitted New Era cap, nice and crispy

abike fitted


Animal Thermal Shirt to keep you warm during the cold months in the city.


abike thermal