Work in Progess

Latey there seems to a lot of interest bbr members going back to their bmxroots, and I have been doing the same. Its been over twenty years since I owned a 20" bmx, since I got robbed for it waiting for a train in Williamburg. I put a lot love and thought in to that bike. It was a 1986 white Haro Sport with the classic blue & green color scheme. I had all the parts I wanted such as Peregrine 48s chrome rims, Dia Compe Nippon Brakes with Tech 77 locking levers, RL Edge HP 100psi tires, RedlIne RL Osbon Bars, Tioga 44T Compact Disc Spocket and few misc cheap parts holding it together. The only thing I felt I need to complete the bke at the time were a set Redline Fliight 3pc Cranks and Shimano DX pedals, both out of my price range for kid with no real job and buying stuff with an allowance.

To make a long story short, I have always had a love BMX even when riding Mountain Bikes for the past 5. All my bikes had to feel like It did when I rode bmx, For the past 2 years I have been thinking about building a 20" to play on, so for the past year I have been resourcing and collecting parts. I finally built my first BMX bike in 20 years, right now its a work in progess. I still have a few more parts to get and even finish the paint job I have envision in my head.
The bike feels good, so far cant wait till I get it together as I see it.

work in progess