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: KHS 555 Frame-w/Rock Shock Monarch 3.1
: Reefer Southerland August 11, 2010, 12:28:39 PM
I grabbed this KHS frame very cheap and it exceeded my expectations.  Already been thru some carnage with it and it remains solid.  Weight is around 29 lbs with the single ply tires, air fork, etc so it feels like an xc bike until you drop the seat (total seatube extension)!   It might not last forever but it's cheaper than alot of hardtail frames I've seen.  It has the geo and handling of a hardtail but gives you the full 5.5 inches when you need it.  It was the same frame Melissa Buhl won the world 4 X title on, and used by team KHS for super d.  


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