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: Cunningham Park Dig Session - Friday 26th
: Flying Squirrel October 23, 2007, 09:19:33 PM
Dig Session this Friday...

Mike Vitti and I are rebuilding the dirt jumps at Cunningham Park, Queens. We started last week and got a decent amount done but there's still plenty to do. We could really use some help getting these jumps built up nice and fast. =)

The DJ section will also have a pumptrack line that will be friendly toward xc bikes. The DJ's will be built up to 5 foot lips and 14 foot gaps. The first 2 jumps will be tables and friendly. After that they'll get taller, more like gaps(no tables), and the pockets tighter.

Here's a quick preview of what we got so far. (  (20 megs)

We have more plans in store for Cunningham so once this is done. We can move onto another project. More dj's, pump tracks and FR lines(launches, drops, high speed big bike stuff =))

Here's a map with some notes...the red path - left onto xc line, bare right(basically straight) at first intersection, hard right at next intersection, DJ's will be on your right....

Here's the Google map...
 Google Map (,+200-00+73rd+Ave,+New+York,+Queens,+New+York,+United+States&ie=UTF8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&hl=en&cd=2&geocode=0,40.736280,-73.772770&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=36.315864,59.765625&ll=40.742884,-73.770812&spn=0.008486,0.014591&z=16&om=1)


: Cunningham Park Dig Session - Friday 26th
: bikefiend October 24, 2007, 10:23:01 PM
I'm down to come down to give a hand after this weekend.

: Cunningham Park Dig Session - Friday 26th
: iggy October 27, 2007, 11:05:49 AM
Hey looks great, is it possible to ever do build maintenance days on the weekends? I wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty, but I dont want to take time off from work to so. Ok Im done with my short rant. I want to go back to Cunningham, I like pedaling around in that place. I got lost the last time, kept going in loops. I propose an idea for the trails to marked with numbers, so once you enter or leave a section you know it has been ridden already. Also it could make it easier to get to certain features of the park, ie the jumps. From a the closest entrance you know if you follow (2, 4, 13, 5), you know will get to the jumps easily. Call me crazy but I think it can work...

Once again guys good job on the builds!

: Cunningham Park Dig Session - Friday 26th
: Jbogner October 27, 2007, 12:18:26 PM
Hey Iggy- Cunningham is basically one big loop. Once you ride it 2-3 times, you'll get it down, and navigation won't be an issue at all.

Also, Jim hasn't posted it here, but they are doing a work day on Sunday. Unfortunately, many of us already have other Sunday plans. But anyone not going to Diabloween, check it out: (

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