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: Bethpage State Park
: iamcameraman October 11, 2004, 12:51:15 AM
well, where to begin? bethpage consists of a mix of DJ, FR, DH(dont know where, but i herd its there), and of course XC/enduro. the parks is huge and its easy to get lost(not that its a bad thing) and is a maze of single track, fire roads, and some double track here and there. terrain is a mix of loose dirt, sand, gravel, and hardpack. BMX stuff, lots of little abandoned DJ's that you can session, and many large drops, some north shore ladders, and picnic tables that make great jumps. i always have a good time in bethpage and its a great place to ride and meet other riders. BTW, you cant just go there and gotta pick up a shovel first and help out.
im not an expert on bethpage, so i probably left lots of stuff out, so add

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