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: Arrow Racing Launch 26"
: shinone September 22, 2004, 11:57:18 AM
I got lucky and hooked up with a pair of arrow launches after I busted my DMR in philly. 26"es. these are the very same tires that some top riders use in 24", such as Anson Wellington and Vassilij Shisskin (:D).. here are my feelings about it SO FAR...

(+) light, can jump em higher, whip the bike around like nothing
(+) nice pattern, really good for wallrides and stuff, holds up even when doing weird angles, better on dirt than most of the 'STREET' tires

(-) mad skinny, don't feel like going too big on it, beating it or doing big stairgaps, can hurt my wheel a lot easier
(-) seen em rippin up due to the characteristics of the tread
(-) not too easy to get in 26"

overall it's a great experience but I don't think Im gonna stick to them on 26". I bet they're a lot more optimal on 24"

: Arrow Racing Launch 26"
: v-digit September 22, 2004, 12:39:11 PM
thats Vassili Shishkin to you, young man.....

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