Hey Yall, uploaded 2 videos, one submitted by some of your fellow riders and one by me. This Sunday, was a good day at the Plattekill, once again another first timer made a big impression with his super fast time for First Place win in Sport Class, Alex(Diesel), so much so the officials said it might be time for him to hit Expert. RussOne also earned his Medal for 3rd place after battling down the mountain against Alex(Konaboy) for 2nd place, but had the misfortune to blow his derailler in his re-run and that shot him down to last place. Igor had to race pain, after a big crash at the Slalom course, get well dude. Another person who was racing after an injury at the last race, Lucky, nearly broke his finger just 4 weeks ago. Super Dave(or should I say Robert) also battled it out with Rob on the way down, all I can say about that it was watching GLADITORS. So much more happened, but I cant remember it all, just ask Donelle who made a special guest appearance..