Two New Skate Park on the Horizon

 Looks like there will be two new skate park growing in Brooklyn. One as early as next year and the other in 2010.

 First one, is being to be at Thomas Greene Park, on 3rd Ave & Douglass St., aka, Douglas Pool Park. I'm not sure how long the project has been in the works, but they're get help from the locals skaters and "Homage, Skate Shop." They have received about $900,000 to build the park, which will happen in the next year. Also they are holding a Skate Day at the park this Sunday, Nov. 19, 2008.

 The second park will be in Carnarsie, not too far from Racer's Edge Cycle, at 1970 Rockaway Parkway. The space has been allocated and the budget seems to be the last part before they can start planning and layout blueprints for the park. Once they do, they will be asking the local riders what they would like to see & ride at the park. If you have any questions you should contact Gerald at Racer's Edge Cycles, 718-531-3100 and look here for further info.

 skate day