T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds on Freecaster.tv

T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds on Freecaster.tv
Freecaster.tv brought you Live coverage from 'The Dirt Session' at Duisberg on Sunday. Now you can watch the winning runs again. Embed codes via the links below.

Some of the world's best BMX and MTB riders competed in the BMX Dirt Jump and MTB Slopestyle contests. The standard was incredibly high with each rider pushing himself to the limit to the elation of the crowd. 

The bands rocked on and the entire event was a real good time.

This great season of events will continue with 'The Summer Session' (Wakeboard Cable and BMX Mini Ramp) in Hamburg/Pinneberg on August 24 and 'The Street Session' (BMX Street/Vert and Skateboard Street/Vert) in Velodrom, Berlin on November 2. All will be webcast Live on Freecaster.tv.

1st Paul Basagoita


2nd Lance Mcdermott


3rd Phil Sundbaum


A highlights is coming later on!!