NYC Freeride Back in Action!

This week NYC Freeride, has hooked themselves up with a new space and even newer CNC machine. It should be interesting what will be produced in the next couple of months. I know I cant wait, new designs, new concepts, who know but the sky is the limit with NYC Freeride.

Here'e a few snaps and an update taken from their site:
NYC has purchased our first CNC milling machine and a lathe will soon follow. Our new shop is located in the historic area of Red Hook Brooklyn. It's a small shop that we're sharing with a fab shop that produces architectural metal products like staircases and various other products. The owner who now is partnered with us is a real cool guy that went to Cooper Union Art school and also is a cyclist. He has an extensive background in metal fabrication so he'll help out in all future endeavors. I'm really excited about all this as it will bring new possibilities for NYCFreeride. Everything will now be in stock! Pedal are the real focus right now so we're gearing up to manufacture them first, I'm also going to work with Jeff Lenosky in developing a more 'dialed' signature pedal for him it'll be a lot lighter and most likely follow a paralellogram shape. The new H.O.E. stem should be here next week in black and gold (That's the last of the "out-sourcing"!)