Here's great news a friend of mine Ramana, has powered his way into the X-Games this year. Which will be held in LA on the weekend of August 2nd 2007. Now the question is? Do I go to LA to see X-Games in person or do I goto Virgin Mobile Fest and see Wu-Tang, Beastie Boys, Deep Dish, Diesel Boy and many others perform.



Wellsboro, PA (June 3, 2007) – After a long day in the Pennsylvania forests, Ramana Lagemann brought his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution home for a well deserved second place finish in the Susquehannock Trails Performance Rally. The finish assures Lagemann a coveted invitation to X Games 13 in August.

“Our single goal for this rally was to qualify for X Games,” explains Lagemann. “We really only needed to finish the rally to achieve that, so to come away with a podium position is fantastic! I have to thank my co-driver Mark Williams and everyone from Cascade Autosport and Dent Sport Garage for preparing such a fast and reliable car.”

At the start of the rally, the team realized that a simple finish was imperative, so Lagemann and Williams decided on driving conservatively. However, a faultless performance by car and crew resulted in a drama-free run to the second step of the podium.

This result caps an impressive turn around for the small team. Less than two weeks ago, Lagemann won a hard fought Olympus Rally, which took place on rough and abrasive gravel roads near Olympia, WA. After the event, the team had just a few short days to prepare the rally car and transport it nearly 3000 miles across the country to Wellsboro, PA, where the incredibly fast and unforgiving tree-lined roads of STPR awaited.

The glory of the Olympus and STPR events more than made up for two demoralizing DNFs at the 100 Acre Wood and Oregon Trail rallies earlier in the year, where the team battled a bitter bout of bad luck. In both events, the team was running a strong second when forced to retire with mechanical woes.

“After coming away from 100 Acre Wood and Oregon with no points, we were counted out by pretty much everyone. But as a team, we knew we were competitive with the best in the US championship,” recalls Lagemann. “We did everything possible to prepare 100% for the next event- as long as we had a chance we weren’t going to give up! Since then, we’ve proven that we have what it takes to win and that we will be a force to be reckoned with at X Games.”

Due to a lack of funding, the team plans to skip the next round of the Rally-America Championship, the New England Forests Rally, which Lagemann won last year. In the mean time, the crew will be hard at work preparing for an excellent result at X Games.

Coverage of The Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally is scheduled to air on Friday, July 27 at 5:00 pm EST, on ESPN 2.