If you post it , they will read it!

Hey some of might be asking why is there's  login box on the left-hand side of the screen and what is it for? If you try to log into the forum through this it wont work, but it does give another set of options you didnt have access to before. This new login, gives you the ability to post content to the BBR site, ie, links, stories, news and other information. In turn, it allows you have bit yourself to the BBR experience and share with other riders. 

What does mean, can I post just anything? You can submit anything you like as long its relative to biking world at large. Submit it whether if its local as your front door to international stuff. Just keep it clean, thats all I ask.

BTW,  if you have any other suggestions to improve your experience just email me at iggy@brooklynbikeriders.com