Bring the Riding to the People

Finally seeing this, after being interviewed for it over two years ago. Its a great mini documentary about bike parks, including Highbridge and two others.

Check it out!


Bring the Riding to the People from Elastic Lab on Vimeo.

Municipal mountain bike parks are a relatively new concept that, simply put, brings the excitement of off-road cycling to city-dwellers of all ages and skills. This is the story of three parks, in three very different communities, with one thing in common. All were built using sustainable practices on underused park land by an all-volunteer workforce in a remarkable show of cooperation among cities, land managers and private citizens to "bring the riding to the people."

This film made possible by Native Eyewear in association with IMBA. An Elastic Lab Production. Filmmakers: Andrew Mudge/NYC; Valerie Vozza/Seattle; Andrew Kemler with Terry Breheny and Nicholas Stock/Denver. 720p. Running time 31:00.

Official Selection 2011: Foursite Film Festival, Kalamazoo Bicycle Film Festival, Estes Park Film Festival, Boston Bike Film Festival