Back from Vegas

I got in last night, took plenty of photos as always, but didnt have a internet connection while I was there. I finally had a chance to test ride a few bikes. But didnt do to many due to the Neveda sun, no trees and dry desert. I m really excited about few products coming out ie, the Mountain Cycle Battery, Marzocchi's redesigns, Rock Shok finally made forks for freeriders, Sinister 5-Bar linkage suspension bike, Chris Kings Pink collection, Eastern's Slayer, Profile Flatland Crank & 18t Spocket, Bern Helmets, Sic woodgrained Stem, a 27lb DH Bike and many more. Also it seem to be the year of 29incher, almost every company had their version. And carbon seen to be really big too, tons of small parts like brake levers, fork steerers on MTBs to full blown DH bikes. I will have pics up asap!